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Tyrol’s mystical gorge
Zammer Lochputz

Zammer Lochputz

The popular excursion destination is fascinating for young and old alike. It offers dizzying views into one of Tyrol’s most beautiful torrents. The water has carved out the mystical Zammer Lochputz gorge over hundreds of years. Thanks to the water adventure climb, anyone can explore this natural spectacle via tunnels, steps and bridges. A further highlight is the refreshing Kneipp facility at the entrance of Tyrol’s mystical gorge.

Technical information

Zammer Lochputz shows the entire water channel – from water catchment to turbine – and you can see how the mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy. The water of the Lötzbach – also referred to locally as “Lochbach” – originates from an approximately 26 km2 catchment area in the Lechtal Alps and is fed by many crystal-clear springs in the pasture region of the rear Zammer hole. From the total volume of water (1000 to 2000 litres per second, depending on the season), up to 550 litres per second are used to generate electricity in the Zams power station. The power station was built in 1924 and has therefore been around since hydropower was first introduced in Tyrol. This makes it one of the oldest hydropower plants in the country. At Zammer Lochputz, you can experience the natural spectacle of water and the production of electricity up close.


Water – the gold of the new millennium – can be experienced in all its forms at Zammer Lochputz. From one of Tyrol’s oldest power stations, the tunnels and steps lead into a natural gem of the Lötzklamm gorge. Above the 30-metre-high waterfall awaits a wild natural spectacle. There is lots to discover on the way, from an imposing water fountain and mighty turbines, through to an impressive multimedia show.

The legend

On a tour of Tyrol’s mystical gorge, you will come across many wonderful things, such as the old forge, the mirror cave and, of course, “Zammer Lochputz”, the stone bull that the water has carved out in the rock face over hundreds of years. The legend of Zammer Lochputz tells the story of the tragic fate of the mysterious bull, once a young and hopeful shepherd who fell in love and proposed to his beautiful water nymph. But the old blacksmith, stepfather of the water nymph, didn’t make it easy for the young shepherd, setting him three difficult challenges…

Opening hours

1 May 2018 to 30 September 2018: open daily from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
1 October 2018 to 31 October 2018: Saturday, Sunday, Monday from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm.