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Staying or leaving
The eventful history of the Tyrolean Highlands

In the Tyrolean Highlands, Landeck Castle combines culture, mysticism, spirituality and business, providing a unique experience for all visitors. Landeck Castle is situated on the Via Claudia Augusta. It stands atop an imposing cliff overlooking the Inn and is thought to have been built by the Count of Ulten in the first half of the 13th century. It was later expanded by Count Meinhard II. The court of Landeck and its provincial warden were already based here in 1282. The castle’s heyday was during the reign of the Knights of Schrofenstein.

The museum

A local history museum with a difference. The permanent exhibition tells the story of the Tyrolean Highlands’ eventful history, providing snippets of life at home and away. Visitors can expect surprising insights and intense encounters with people and their fates.

In the homeland – a hard life between mountain and valley

Tyrol has always had a unique strategic and economic significance, right up to the modern era. It is here, in the west of the Eastern Alps, where the most important passes over the Alps can be found. The land was also rich in natural resources. Tyrol was therefore always the subject of widespread interest – and often the scene of battles. Life was never easy here, and the conditions were particularly tough in the west. Ground suitable for growing crops was a scarce resource. Over the centuries, a large portion of the population starved here. Nevertheless, the area gave rise to a rich culture. Particularly impressive was the locals’ piety, which showed itself in many ways. However, their belief in magic and superstition also had a dark side: 22 witch trials were held before the court of Landeck. The homeland was by no means a paradise.

The journey – from home to away

During the first part of the exhibition, the tour through Landeck Castle leads you through rooms that provide a glimpse into life in the homeland. The second part is about those who left their home and sought happiness abroad. The number of people who did so was considerable, and some were known to travel as far as Peru. But the reasons for leaving were usually the same for most: hardship and poverty. Particular focus is on the tragic story of the Swabian children, as well as on the successful baroque architect Jakob Prantdauer. In the tower, steps take you up to the viewing platform. The route then leads down to an exciting find: the museum is home to some of the oldest playing cards in the German-speaking world. But the castle doesn’t just want to be seen, it also wants to be explored. That’s when it really opens itself up to the visitors. From the windows and from the tower, you can see the area that is being described here: “the homeland”.


Six to eight exhibitions by regional and international artists, as well as ones on current, interesting and historical subjects, are presented here.

In the tower

In the tower, special exhibitions seek answers to some of the key movements of our time (transit, tourism, migration, globalisation). They form a bridge between the past (in the permanent exhibition) and the future.

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Opening hours:

April to October
December to January
open every day
from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Tours on request!


Landeck Castle
Schlossweg 2, A-6500 Landeck
Tel. +43 (0)5442 63202