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From now on we offer a very special and unique beer: The Schrofenbräu!

Our house beer Schrofenbräu is an unfiltered  beer, which you can only enjoy in the Schrofenstein! The Schrofenbräu is a so called “Zwickelbier” or “Kellerbier” (cellar beer) and gets its name from the “Zwickelhahn”, which is a beer tap that is attached to the tank. This tap is used to take samples of the beer. In the past, the term “Zwickelbier” was only used to refer to the sample that the brewmaster took from the fermentation tank before the filtration to check the quality of his beer. The taking of this beer sample with the so-called “Zwickelhahn” is called “Zwickeln”. In most breweries, only the brewmaster himself had a key to the “Zwickelhahn”, so that the “Zwickel” was reserved for him alone. Today, however, the Zwickel beer is also offered commercially in large quantities.

A gals of our cold Schrofenbräu is awaiting you. Come into our beer cellar the HERZERL and give it a try!

Opening Hours

Tuesday - Sunday
4:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Happy Hour

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
you get a large Schrofenbräu for the price of a small one

Try our Schrofenbräu!

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