Merano/Dorf Tirol: Continue on to Merano or just across the Reschen Pass to Graun. 

5 km beyond the Reschen Pass in Graun im Vinschgau, an old church tower rises up out of the water. In 1949/50, the villages of Graun and Reschen in the Upper Vinschgau were flooded for an ill-considered dam project.

Lake Reschen is over 6 km in length. With a water volume of 116 million cubic metres, it generates around 250 Million kWh of electricity per year.

Merano is right in the heart of an extensive area of vineyards where north and south meet, and where snow-covered mountains meet Mediterranean flowers.

Merano is a prime central European town: with a brilliant synthesis of tradition and modernity, history and the present day, along with German and Italian culture. The Merano basin has long enjoyed a key position as an intersection for traffic and trade. Evidence of this strategic importance can still be seen today in the form of the castles, palaces and countless ruins that dot the slopes and hillsides, all of which increase the fascinating allure of this town on the Passer river.

The town has also been a popular destination for cultured tourists for over 150 years. It enjoys ancient charm as a thermal and climatic spa resort. Well-tended gardens and spacious parks bear witness to the town’s splendid past, and still make Merano a unique Alpine town today.