The Kaunertaler Gletscherstrasse glacier road is a panoramic road that takes you to an altitude of 2,750 m. Toll charge applies.

Travel journalists have described this route as the most beautiful high mountain road in the Alps. It is 26 km in length and was built with a great deal of respect for nature and the environment. The magnificent backdrop, mighty icefalls and ever-changing snowy white peaks make a trip up to the glacier, hiking and excursion area an unmissable experience.

Along the 6 km reservoir, past bubbling streams and lush pasture land, past the Gepatschhaus, one of the oldest alpine association huts (DAV), the road leads into a unique glacier landscape to the lift complex and mountain restaurant.

Kaunertaler Gletscherbahnen Tel.: +43 (0)5475 5566
Gepatschhaus (Weiskopf Peter) Tel.: +43 (0)664 534 90 44