Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens: a real-life fairytale for humans. You can suddenly experience what you only thought possible in dreams.

A project by André Heller. Stride through the giant’s head that marks the entrance to experience the sensory energies within. From the music to the fragrance, from the lighting to the architecture, from the visible to the merely perceptible, you are in for an exceptional treat. Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens provide a journey of discovery for your mind. You will be entranced by a breathtaking world of sparkling fantasy and reality. Watched over by a giant, the Swarovski Crystal Worlds are home to splendid treasures and unique experiences.

“Escape from the mundane reality of life into the magical atmosphere of the Swarovski Crystal Worlds: inside the giant, magical underground chambers await visitors, with a multifaceted interplay of crystalline colours and shapes. Under the leadership of André Heller, original interpretations by renowned international artists fuse to form a kaleidoscope for the senses.”

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